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Quick update new devlog coming out tomorrow, some awesome AI news as well as new game play features. Still not sure if I should include weapons or not.

I think there are some bugs to be worked out but, as a gamejam I know it can be beat the clock to get the game submitted in time. I hope the bugs get worked out and,  it gets polished up a bit. Has a lot of potential I think the comedy breaks up the spooky a bit (in a good way!)

Thank you for playing! I do have a fully flushed out version in the works and no race against the clock so it will be in a better working order. I hope to release a "teaser" level soon for some early feedback, hope you can play it also, and thank you once again!

As discussed, here's my own video playing your game as well! It's in a mix of 3 games, but luckily it's first up right after my highlight moment. Enjoyed it overall, despite it being a somewhat short experience, but I definitely look forward to seeing more from you. I'm also a huge fan of paranormal shows (Destination Truth was my favorite), but I'm upset that I didn't catch any specific Zak Bagans references!

I’m a sucker for Ghost Adventures, what can I say. 

lol loved the video! Also I just hit that sub button 😉 . glad you enjoyed it and sorry about the screaming. Hope Zak Bagan plays this one day!

Keep up the good work! I’m gonna check out your other games too

short but scared me pretty good enough haha nice game! creepy doll..xD

(let's play in japanese)

Lol thank you! I'm currently working on another Horror game jam game I hope you can check out. 

cool! i would like to :)

Did a let's play with your game and I must say that I hope you make more in the future! The comedy and the horror was a fantastic mix for this game. Great work and I hope to see more in the future. 

Thank you! Also love the fact you got the Zak Baggins reference! 

No problem! Oh yeah haha, seen enough ghost adventures to last me a life time. 

Man this was a blast. You got me for one of the scares but it was pretty hilarious XD. Keep up the good work

Your game starts at 10 mins

Lol glad you enjoyed it.... Robot ghost hunters! That would make an awesome game! So the mannequin at the time where supposed to be place holders until I got better models done but the Game Jam was just about to end (I think it had like 54 mins left) so I had to pull the trigger. Also I just subscribed! 

Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and it was rather boring, nothing really happened aside from some chairs moving and the occasional multiplying children dolls, also there's no audio after the chairs and table section, just silence. I give an honest and in-depth review in my video below. 

Wow I completely forgot about this project all together! Hey sorry about the bugs I got busy after the game jam and never got around to fixing them. Long story short a lot of the triggering effects got broken after I did the C++ code to blueprint for faster editing and then cooked all the files into a PAK file to save space, it worked on the dev PC (only PC I tested this game on) but didn’t work on any other. So currently I’m re-downloading the version of Unreal Engine I used for this project to repack the game. I’ll also put up a OSX version of it later today. Honestly, I never thought anyone found find and play this. I’ll get this all fixed up!

Awesome, can't wait to see it the fixed up version! I replied to you on my video, read it when you get a chance yeah? Really enjoyed what you have of the game though!


Thanks and will do. So side note this game was up together in about 4 days, the one thing I learned was eye candy after debugging lol

What am I to do? Nothing is going on at all.